The Right Fit Is Important!

In 1987, Annan & Bird Lithographers opened its doors to service the large format print demands of the Packaging and P.O.S displays marketplace. From our earliest beginnings, we adopted the fundamental philosophy that "Quality is never an accident is the result of high intention and skillful execution. Quality represents the wisest choice of many alternatives."

The only way to achieve and maintain such high quality standards is to print with the most technologically advanced presses available. Here at Annan & Bird, we have recently installed the new Heidelberg 162 printing press. No other press available today can claim significantly reduced make ready times, drastic reductions in waste and automated colour management. The in-press colour management system takes density and spectrophotometric readings inline while maintaining colour automatically. Once colour is locked in, it is the only press of its kind that manages colour could say the press is on "Auto Pilot".

To compliment our state of the art printing fleet, Annan & Bird furthers our commitment to our customers by using only those materials that are designed specifically for the converting process, thus guaranteeing problem free converting.

Let Annan & Bird help you in a "Big Way" and eliminate all the stresses of "Just in Time" deliveries.