Litho General Specifications

Bleed, Type & Barcode

Amount of bleed (overlaps to trim or die cut): 3/8″
Amount of bleed (overlap on varnish glue tab): 3/8″
Smallest Positive Type: 7pt
Smallest Negative Type: 7pt
Smallest Positive Line: 1pt
Smallest Negative Line: 1pt
Ean. UCC Barcode Min size%: none
Ean. UCC Barcode bar width reduction: 0.0015


Preferred trap setting: .005 (5 thousands)
Minimal trap setting: .003 (3 thousands)

Dot Shape-Screen Ruling Angles

Preferred Dot Shape: Euclidean / Paragon-Esko
Screen Ruling: 150 line
Preferred Screen Angles: Cyan-75 | Magenta-45 | Yellow-0 | Black-15
Litho Plates Positive (Agfa)