Lenticular brings animated effects and 3-D depth to color and black & white two-dimensional images. The result greatly enhances the impact of advertising, display and promotional communications.

Lenticular posters are printed on a lens material which when used with special prepress software combine to form one of the most visually dramatic special effects in print today. Our largest lenticular print of 48x70 produces an image that is so real in depth perception that you'll be tempted to 'reach' into the image for proof. Everyone who has seen this poster for the first time has had only one comment – “WOW!” Feel free to contact us so that we can “WOW” you with this dramatic technology.

How are lenticular images created? Lenticular images combine digitally interlaced printed or photographic image with rows of optical grade lenses. These interlaced images, printed directly to the back of the lens, focus light on different strips of the surface and magnifies whatever image is there. Viewing the image from different angles – by moving – creates the desired illusion.

Durable material - Lenticular can be created for reflective or backlit presentations.

Flexible material – The lenticular pieces can be die-cut, perforated or scored.