64" Heidelberg Speedmaster 162

6 Colour with Aqueous
Max Sheet: 475/8″x 64 | Max Print: 467/8″ x 633/4″

At Annan & Bird, we understand you only get one chance to make a lasting first impression. To achieve spectacular eye catching graphics, you must use new and cutting edge technology. That is why Annan & Bird continues to lead the marketplace with State of the Art printing presses. Recently, we added the new Heidelberg 162 to our fleet of presses.


The new Heidelberg brings press technology to a new level by taking density and spectrophotometric readings in line, and achieving shorter make readies while significantly reducing waste. Furthermore, the 162's in-press controls allows the press to run and monitor fit and colour automatically—you could say the press is running on 'Auto Pilot'. All of the features in the Heidelberg allow for more consistent quality, while delivering jobs 'Just in Time'.