Innovative Prepress

Innovative Prepress
Exceptional print reproduction begins with superior file preparation. Our state-of-the art prepress department has always maintained and continues to offer a high level of quality and consistent file preparation for our customers.

New innovative software, hardware and operating processes ensure the timely delivery of high definition dot proofs. New Web based PDF proofing channels allow for both hi-res and low-res on-line viewing.

Clients will have the ability to make “notes” and “annotation” on-line, eliminating telephone calls and proofs going back and forth. This collaborative process between customers and our prepress department keeps jobs moving through our workflow in an expeditious manner, guaranteeing “just in time” deliveries.

Five Areas of Innovation

  1. XML Integration / AE-12
  2. Automation Engine comes with extensive XML integration capabilities.
  3. Web-based Web Center
  4. Allow customers easier uploads via ftp to our server. This will improve timing because of the effective customer live visual interaction. The web center also will be used to distribute the e-mails for PDF approval and collaborations on-line with hi-res pdf.
  5. Nexus-PDF Rip
  6. New and faster PDF Server Rips with normalizing files software to trapping to screening and saving low-res. Virtual PDF files for approval.
  7. Archival
  8. Automatic archiving set to 10 days after printing to a new near line server which ensures consistent repeatability of every job.
  9. G7 Certification
  10. We have been G7 certified for our Kodak Approval and Epson 9900 digital proof to the press. This allows us to better match client supplied proofs, as long as they are G7 certified and have the G7 scales for us to verify prior to press. This will expedite the process of files to press with a pdf approval.